Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 27, 2014

May 27th, 2014
It was a pretty busy week. We had a LOT of lessons and where able to get members to many of them, which was nice. We pressure washed and painted the garage of an older couple who live next to some members in our ward. The whole project took a lot longer than expected. We were in the sun for a LONG time and I got pretty burnt. Oh, well. We also helped the Gardner family move. I got to conduct my first district meeting on Wednesday. It went pretty well, though I ran out of material to fill the time. Oh, well. We spent a fair amount of time out knocking doors during the week. People still seem pretty receptive to the DVD tracting, so we've been using that strategy a lot. We are still getting acquainted with the new geographical area that we cover. They gave us more miles for our car, but we just aren't used to having so much territory and haven't used many of them. I'm sure we will eventually. We had lessons with some of the people that the other elders left behind. N. is a cute little girl and she understood the plan of Salvation really well when we taught it. She is excited to be baptized. C. is still working on the smoking and still trying to figure out whether she will have to move. She is so prepared other than those two things. She loves the church and all the members. She came to family home evening at a member's home last night and she really enjoyed it. We also had good lessons with P. and T. We have several dozen other investigators who we are in and out of contact with. As our president says, we fish with a big net, then sort the fish afterwards. I hope everyone had a good memorial day and that things are going well.
Have a blessed week!
Elder Schow

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