Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

I have not been good at getting emails posted for the last month or so.  Here is the latest :)

Well, not a whole lot of new news to report here. It was so good to Skype with you all at home yesterday. I can't believe it was the last one. I wish Britton and I could have been on at the same time, but I guess we will all see each other soon enough. It's good to hear that Taylor's reception went well.

      We had a pretty good week with some positive contacts. We went on exchanges with our zone leaders, so I spent a day in our area with Elder Marvin, who was in my district at one point a while back. That was pretty fun, even though it was super hot outside and our air conditioner was temporarily out of commission. We had a good lesson with Karen. The ward mission leader came with us, and I think he had a good experience with it. We got in contact with a less-active lady that we have been trying to reach for a long time. We were able to talk to her for a bit and find out more about the people in her family who aren't members. There are Canadian geese everywhere in our apartment complex and the complexes nearby. They all have eggs or goslings, so they hiss and start to chase us if we walk anywhere near them. That keeps things pretty interesting. It's all good though. Well, once again it was really good to hear from you all. I hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Schow

It is hard to believe that Elder Ethan has just over three months left--we sure love him and miss him!!