Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25th

June 25th, 2014

Transfer week emails are always strange since there are nine days to account for. A lot has happened since last Monday. Last Tuesday, we had a special training meeting with President and Sister Nilsen. It was one of the last meetings we'll have with them, so it was basically a goodbye. We each signed the table cloth that they have all the missionaries sign. After the meeting, we had an exchange with the Elders serving in Whitehall. I spent the day with Elder Pytlakowski in Big Walnut Creek. He is pretty new, so it was interesting, but he is a very nice fellow. On Wednesday, we found out for sure that Elder Blalock's visa had come. That afternoon, I went to OSU campus to spend a couple of days with an Elder there while his companion came to BWC with Elder Blalock. The mission has been arranging for a lot of missionaries to spend time on OSU lately so they can get practice talking to people and bring some of those skills back to their areas. It was a lot of fun. Elder Peterson and I taught some neat people and I got to see some to the cool sights on campus. The rest of the week went by fairly quickly. We've been working to get back in contact with a lot of people while still trying to find new people. No one is progressing drastically right now, but we'll find some people. Please pray for C. She is doing well, but continues to struggle with some things. Most of Monday was spent getting Elder Blalock ready to leave. I helped a little with the packing and updated all our records. On Tuesday morning, he flew out to go to the MTC in Sao Paulo for a couple weeks. I have spent yesterday and today with one of our zone leaders. I don't know if I'm getting transferred or not, but I'm probably not because I got a call this morning from president saying that I'll be training a new missionary again. We'll see how that goes. It should be fun. I hope everyone has a good week and that things are going well.
Have a blessed one!
Elder Schow

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