Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 16th 2014

June 16th 2014
It was a pretty good week. We were able to get in contact with a lot of people who had fallen off the grid. Also, up until Friday night, we had our "mini missionary" with us, which was fun. On Monday, we found out that C. was moving. We panicked for a minute before we found out she was moving in with another older sister in the ward. It worked out pretty well. We had our zone meeting on Wednesday with 31 total missionaries, including the "mini missionaries". On Thursday, we helped C. move all of her possessions to her new home. Sister Montgomery, the sister she is living with has been very kind to C. It is a win-win-win situation for all concerned. We found a few new people to teach this week and tracked down a bunch of people. We got back in touch with K., who came to church a few weeks back. We almost had a guy named N. come to church, but it turned out he can't come until next week. On Saturday morning we went and did service for a nonmember family who we've been helping out for a while. We helped their neighbor, who is a member, lay a new carpet in their house. That was an interesting experience. We also spray-painted some deck furniture for them. Then, we had lunch with them and had a chance to talk to them about what we do as missionaries. It was cool. On Sunday, I got to play a musical number duet in sacrament meeting. After the members found out I could do that sort of thing, they took advantage of it. This morning we had a fun day with our district. Elder Blalock did a magic show, and we had a lightsaber battle with pool noodles. It was pretty fun. When Elder Blalock and I went to the dollar store this morning to buy the pool noodles, we asked a worker if they had any and he took us to the food section thinking we were talking about edible noodles of some kind. We got it figured out eventually...
Well, I hope everyone enjoys Sun Valley and whatever else goes on.
Have a blessed week!
Elder Schow

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