Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014
What a busy week! Following transfer calls on Wednesday, we weren't sure if we had a good reason to go to the transfer meeting on Thursday, but we eventually decided to go and it's a good thing that we did! When the transfer was announced, no new missionaries were put into the Big Walnut Creek 2 elders' area. They were doubled out and no one was doubled in. In other words, we found out that their area is now closed. So, we went to their apartment and took all the good food that was left, along with a few other items they left behind. We divded their area with the sisters in our ward, so now we cover about twice as much geography as we did before. This new area included several great investigators. There is a 9 year old girl named N. who is from a part-member family. She is being baptized on the 7th. We also are now teaching a nice guy named T. and a lady named S., who are also both from part-member families.
We visited C. twice and she gave us the last of her cigarettes twice. I don't think she will buy any more now. She also gave us all her coffee the first time and we gave her a substitute called Choffy (made with cocoa beans instead of coffee beans) so she shouldn't have any more problems there either. We have made a plan with her for baptism on June 7th, and she is excited!
We have also been visiting with a lady named P.. She is in the pictures from the social media split, though her name isn't on the for privacy. She came to church yesterday and seemed to enjoy it pretty well. It is different from what she is used to (she is Lutheran) but she certainly has potential.
Now, the trick is going to be keeping all of this going!
I'm glad things went well with the move and everything. I love you all.
Have a blessed week!
Elder Schow

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