Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sept 2, 2014

Sept. 2, 2014

It has been a pretty good week. We are seeing some good progress with some of the people we are working with. M. is doing well. He is very close to quitting smoking. He has received a lot of support from the ward, which is good to see. A lady named B. is doing well, too. She and her fiancee (who is a member) have been in and out of the Church for a long time, so it is good to see them moving in the right direction. We also have had to opportunity to teach a neat lady named Jamie this week. She is really sweet, but has some health challenges right now. We met the archbishop just by knocking on the door of his house. He agreed to let us bring him a Book of Mormon and we have had the chance to sit down and discuss his church and ours a few times. I'm not sure what Syriac means. I think it is a smaller orthodox church than some of the others we hear about, though, like Greek Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox.

I hope Maddie enjoyed her first few days of school. Junior year can be hard, but it was fun, too. I would definitely prefer to avoid Mr. White, too. I'm glad the picnic went well- it sounds fun. Good job on the 5k to both of you! That is really cool. I'm also glad you all had fun at the fair.Thanks for the quote!

We went on exchanges this week, so I spent part of Wednesday with Elder Dubach on bikes. It was super hot, then it rained just enough to get us soaked :) Not my favorite thing, but hey. We had a few other good lessons throughout the week. Yesterday we went to a couple of thrift stores, which was fun. I got a couple of ties, including one for M. For 90 cents, why not? :) 

I hope everything keeps going well for all of you. 
Have a blessed week!
Elder Schow

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