Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014
It is days like today that really make me miss my green suit... Oh well. It has been a good week. We had some good visits with people. On Tuesday morning, we ran into a less-active family who lived in Marble Cliff and moved to Big Walnut Creek about a week before I was transferred here. Elder Cole and I helped them pack up their stuff. I wondered if I would run into them, and sure enough, we did. We visited them later in the week with our WML and he will get their records transferred. We took our ward's only priest out teaching with us. He is a funny kid. None of our appointments or backups worked out, but it was good to talk to him about his mission plans. We got to go on exchanges with our zone leaders on Wednesday, which was pretty fun. We ended up staying up pretty late because the zone leaders kept wanting Elder Blalock to show them magic tricks :) We're still working on finding solid people to teach. We were able to have a good lesson with A. with a member there. We also visited C. on Saturday night. She is sooo close to quitting smoking. She is down to two cigarettes a day. We hope she will be baptized at the beginning of April. I got to meet Angie's sister. We had dinner with her family this week. She actually looks quite a bit like her sister, and her son resembles Bryant and Avery. After church we went home with some members to have dinner at their house. After we ate, Brother Mizer asked what size of shoes we wear. Then he brought out a pair of really nice shoes and gave them to me because they didn't fit him and wouldn't fit Elder Blalock. It was really nice of him. We also went with the Mizers to visit a less-active lady in a retirement home. She was named Sister G. and she was certain that she had seen me before. Oddly enough, several people have told me that recently. I guess I just have one of those faces. Anyway, it was a good week here. I hope it was there as well. Have a good one and Happy Saint Patrick's day!
Have a blessed week,
Elder Schow

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