Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014
We have actually had some pretty nice weather this week, which has made it more fun to be out and about. After emailing last Monday, we wandered around trying to find someplace where we could get a haircut. Eventually we found a barber shop that was basically empty except for the barber, an African American guy named P. He took about and hour and a half to cut our hair, but we talked about the gospel and the Bible almost the whole time. He said he's a bishop for his church. He was super cool. After he finished our haircuts, he held our hands and said a prayer for us ("Bless them on the highways, and bless them on the byways, etc. etc.") We got a Book of Mormon from our car and gave it to him. It was pretty neat. We had an exchange with the Big Walnut Creek 2 elders on Thursday since Elder Bowler is the district leader. I stayed with Elder McCullough in the Bexley area. We taught a lesson to a really cool guy named B. that Elder Blalock and I found a few weeks back. He isn't willing to commit to much yet, but he's reading the Book of Mormon and is open to the idea that it is additional scripture from God. Elder Blalock and I also found some other neat investigators including a sincere guy named A., a girl named F., and a nice old lady named A. C. is still working so hard to quit smoking. We had dinner with her at the home of the Emmers, who are a great missionary-minded couple. We all discussed the great progress that C. has made. We moved back her baptismal date, but she is going to get there. She said that before she met people from the Church, she never smiled. Now she smiles a lot :). I haven't met Angie's sister yet, but I think we are having dinner with them soon. I have really learned from my personal study out here how important the Book of Mormon is. I have also come to appreciate the New Testament more and have been amazed by how helpful the JST footnotes are. The people of Ohio are mostly really nice. The diversity here is a lot different from Idaho. There are a lot of African American people, which is different from what I'm used to. Elder Blalock on the other hand says it makes him feel at home :). We hope we can continue to improve in all aspects of the work we are doing. Sometimes it is hard to know what to focus on and how to address everything that needs to be done, but we are making progress. Have a blessed week!
Elder Schow

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