Monday, March 3, 2014

February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014
Well, we had our transfer meeting. I am now serving in the Big Walnut Creek Ward on the South-East side of Coulumbus. My companion is named Elder Blalock and he is from Mississippi. He is a really cool guy and a great missionary. He is also a magician, which makes things fun. We got doubled in, which means two missionaries got taken out of their area, and we got put in. It will take a little while for us to get familiar with things, but it should be good. This ward is pretty sparsely attended currently, but there are some great people here. There is another set of elders and a set of sisters in the ward, so our proselyting area is just a portion of the ward and includes a nice predominantly Jewish suburb called Bexley and some of downtown Columbus. Our ward also includes a piece of Gahannan, and our building is in New Albany. Lots of new places. I really like it here so far. We have a car and we have some great places to proselyte. The houses and buildings in the part of Columbus that we cover are really old and really cool (if a bit run-down). They make me think of the houses in the John Bellairs books. The other elders left us a few investigators including a sweet old lady named C., who is working toward baptism on March 15th. We have found some neat people through our own efforts as well. They members here are great and are very willing to help with rides and lessons and things. Something funny happened the other day when we were knocking doors in an older neighborhood. A guy dressed in viking apparel walked past. When he saw us, he paused and said, "All praise Odin Allfather!" then kept walking. Elder Blalock said, "What?" and the guy said it again and walked away. I don't think he was kidding either. He was totally serious. It was pretty funny. Anyway, I hope things are going well at home I love all you guys.
Have a blessed week,
Elder Schow

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