Monday, March 3, 2014

February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014
I suppose this email is a lot later than usual. It has been a crazy day and a crazy week. Last Tuesday morning, the assistants brought us a car for us to use leading up to transfers. We have to give it back, sadly, but it has allowed us to do some good things and get places. We got more snow last week, but the last few days have been very warm and everything is melting. It's supposed to get cold again, which makes me feel sorry for Elder Cole and his new companion on their bikes, because, I am getting transferred! I won't know where until tomorrow, but I will be glad to have a change. Marble Cliff has been a good place and I will miss many of the great people here. There are definitely those that I will have to keep in touch with. The area is in good hands, though. Elder Cole knows what he is doing and there are some great investigators here that are starting to make progress, especially B. He plans to be baptized on the 15th of March. It would be earlier, but he has family visiting Columbus at that time and wants them to be there. When he was asked to introduce himself in priesthood meeting on Sunday, he told everyone he was a "new convert to the Church" and a "new member of the ward." We hope things will keep going well there. Our musical number went well on Sunday. It was so great to have the chance to use a violin again, even if I was in the program under the name "Elder Skowl." :) We have done a lot of knocking doors this week trying to get some new investigators. No dice yet, but there have been a few good potentials. Today, we had a "fun day" with our zone at the OSU institute. We made a silly music video for a missionary song and played pool, ping pong, etc. After that, we went to the Riverside ward Bishop's home and his wife, Sister Silver made crepes for all of us. Then the zone leaders announced the transfers. Quite a few people are leaving the zone, including one of the sisters from our ward and one of the zone leaders. I have to go home tonight and pack all my stuff for tomorrow. I am excited to see what is coming. I hope my new companion(s) is/are nice. We shall see. Well, I hope things are going well back home. I love you all! Keep up the good work, especially the missionary work. I hope the S. love FHE.
Live long and prosper,
Elder Schow

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