Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter from September 23rd -- Marble Cliffs

First of all, I haven't had that other vaccination yet, I need to figure out how to go about doing that.
That is really great about Britton's farewell. Good luck, Britton! You will do awesome.
Boo to Century for winning Bridgerland. But congrats to Highland for getting 2nd.
If you want to send that New Era article, Mom, I would read it. Thanks a lot for the letter also. Could you send me Brother Pierce's address at some point? I'd like to send him a letter.
That is also great about Lauren and Cam's house. You will have to send me pictures. I am sending my pictures, but they all have to be in almost separate emails since they are so big. I have adjusted my camera so future pictures should be smaller.
Elder Loosli has been out for something like 17 months, though he pretends otherwise. He does not know Kristy Tupper as far as he can remember.  We found out today that we get a car for the rest of the transfer, which will be nice because it's starting to get cold. We will pick it up when we finish emailing. Brother Henricks took us to a Japanese restaurant earlier where they cook your food right in front of you. It was pretty cool. I'm not sure what the biggest surprise of my mission is so far, but it could be that time can pass so slowly and yet so quickly. The days are long but the weeks are short. So far I am most enjoying the people. Most of the people that we actually talk to for extended periods of time are really interesting and neat. Our investigator who is close to baptism is named E.. She is from Mexico and is really enthusiastic about the gospel. She has come to church about 8 times and really just needs to set a baptismal date. It is too bad that her son M. isn't too interested in the church. He is 17 and likes the activities, but not the gospel. We'll get him eventually. We have another investigator named D. who came to church this week. She came once before I got here, but she got lost this time and tried to get into the temple before finding her way to Sunday School. We are also working with a man named C. who has been investigating for a really long time. We'll see where things go with him. None of our other investigators are that far along yet. The only real culture shock is from seeing some of the poorer areas. Some of our neighborhoods are pretty wealthy, but some are really not. We've had quite a bit of rain, and some thunderstorms. That sometimes makes bikes inconvenient, but now we have a car, so hey. We went on a 24 hour exchange with the zone leaders in their area, which was fun. They are good guys. We helped them find some new investigators who actually came to church. Elder Cutler stepped on a ketchup packet after we ate at a little restaurant and ketchup sprayed all over my clothes, but I was wearing was one of my cheapest, ugliest ties, and my pants and shirt washed okay so it was all good. It was pretty funny.
I hope you guys are all doing well, I love you all and hope everything you are doing works out.
Elder Ethan Schow

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