Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello!                                                                                                        9/9/13
It is so great to have a chance to talk to everyone. Since I have limited time, I'm going to respond to all the family letters here in one place. Ohio is very nice and the trees are quite beautiful. We arrived safely on Wednesday afternoon after one layover in Atlanta, Georgia. I got to sit in the window seat on both flights, which was super cool. We stayed at the mission home overnight. My mission president and his wife are really nice. The next day we had the transfer meeting and found out companions and areas. My companion is named Elder Loosli and he is from Chester, Idaho. He's a really nice guy and we're getting along really well. He's the one with me in the one picture. My camera has taken really huge pictures so I can't send a lot now. I forwarded some of our MTC district from elder Pawson though. Our area is called Marble Cliff and includes the temple, which is tiny. The temple president and his wife are in our ward. They asked me about Bro. Bartschi and I said he's in our ward and we love him. We've been working hard (mostly) and have taught some great people and met some super awesome people both member and nonmember. Our area is one of the few without a car, though the sisters who share our area have one. We haven't actually biked yet though because Elder Loosli's bike was in a different area for a couple days. The members give us lots of rides. Our apartment is pretty good and has a lot of stuff in it. I'm almost out of time, but I love you all so much and miss you. I will try to write more next week when I know the library computer drill a little better. Thank you for your emails.
I love you,
Elder Ethan Schow
                                          This is Elder Ethan Schow's Trainer and Companion
                                                         Elder Loosli


  1. Dear Elder Schow's Mom: The photo he did send was in my home. I have been giving he and Elder Loosli rides - especially yesterday! Anyway, we'll take care of him in the Marble Cliff Ward - he's going to be a great missionary! Bro. R. Henricks - and thanks for having a blog!

    1. Thank you Brother Hendricks for taking care of our son and Elder Loosli, for giving them rides and having them in your home. He is loving Ohio and is excited to be serving the Lord. We feel so blessed that he is meeting and working with such wonderful people! Sister D. Schow

  2. Brother Henricks, I just realized that I misspelled your name in that last comment. I am so sorry! Thanks again! Sister D. Schow