Sunday, September 1, 2013

A short paper letter to ad to the email from earlier


Dear everyone,
       I figured I would write this paper letter after the email because I might not get another chance to write before going to Ohio.  There is not really much more to tell (He sent an email earlier in the day that was already posted), but I did get my laundry done without incident.  Also, I am getting really good at making fry sauce, which may or may not be something to be proud of.  P-day was nice.  It was good to have a chance to relax.  There are missionaries arriving, which I guess means I am a veteran.  The week has been really short and the days have been long.  Hopefully things keep going well.  Our Alaskan district members leave early Monday morning, so we will probably be with the Ohio people from the other district for the last two days.  At least, that is my suspicion.  I hope things are going well there and I hope you guys are happy.          

                                                                                       Lover, Elder Schow

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