Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sorry I forgot to send that last week. Anything sent to the mission office will forward to me though. Also, I forgot to wish Lauren a happy birthday last week, so happy birthday, Lauren!
That is great that the remodel is going well and it sounds like everything else is going pretty well too. That is also great about Curtis's call. I will make sure to keep Paul in my prayers. I didn't write yesterday because our preparation day got switched to Tuesday this week so we could go to the temple. We didn't get to go to the temple though because of a mix up that resulted in Elder Loosli's recommend being several miles from where we needed it to be. Oh well. Maybe we will get another chance to go. Our apartment is really pretty nice though it certainly has a "lived-in" appearance. The old set of missionaries left quite a bit of food and other assorted random supplies (like foam swords, elastic monkeys, and old shoes) so we haven't had to go grocery shopping yet, though we will later today. We have talked to a lot of really neat people and our ward seems really great. We have an investigator who is getting pretty close to baptism, which is cool. We have done a lot of knocking on doors, which hasn't been fun but hasn't been terrible. The luau last week was pretty fun. That's neat you saw me in the pictures. I'm trying to send more pictures, but this computer is a Mac and I'm not sure how. :S Brother Henricks said he saw mom's blog. He is a super cool guy. He gives us rides all the time along with an 18 year old guy named Cameron who lives in his house. They are both great. We started biking this week because we are in one of the few bike areas of the mission. Biking is sometimes hard, but it isn't too bad and is sometimes kind of fun. I bought some little plastic clips in the MTC to make sure my pants don't get caught in the chain. Members feed us dinner most nights ( no Little Caesars yet, not sure if one's in our area, but we did go to some place called Chipotle), but sometimes we have to cook for ourselves. Last night our dinner appointment cancelled, but a random inactive guy invited us inside for some soup when we knocked on his door to visit him. It was white bean and kale soup and was actually pretty good.  It hasn't been too bad. later last night we had to move some extremely heavy couches for a member. I'm glad everyone is doing well. Keep up the good work I guess for everything you guys are working on :)
I love you all so much. Thanks for the emails and everything. Letters would be welcome.

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