Monday, August 25, 2014

August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Well, it was a pretty good week here in Big Walnut Creek. Nothing super exciting happened, but that's okay. We have spent a lot of time knocking doors and trying to track down old investigators. It is amazing how slippery some people can be! We have tried knocking in a few different parts of our area and figured out what times are most effective to knock there. We spent the evening on Saturday knocking in a nice suburb called Berwick in the southern tip of our ward and found several potential investigators. One of them was a really nice old lady named I. At first she wanted to just send us away because she is already a Christian. But I asked if there was anything we could do for her (like yard work) she thought we were joking at first, but then she said we could come back in a few days and help her clean her garage. She talked to us for almost 20 minutes on her porch about the Bible and different religions. Then she gave us water and we left. It was pretty cool. I hope we get to go back and help her. We had our zone meeting on Wednesday. It was nice to meet some of the new people in the zone. Being around other missionaries can be a lot of fun. We got to meet with several part member families this week, which was really good. They are making some progress. The boss of one of our members is really interested in the church and has come to church 6 or times now even though he doesn't live in our ward boundaries. He took us and the member's family and the other Elders from our ward to dinner at a nice restaurant downtown. It was pretty neat. Hopefully we can help him get his answer about his church and get him into the ward where he lives. M. is doing pretty well. He was sick for a couple of days, so please keep him in your prayers. We got him a couple of bags of dum dum suckers to help him quit smoking and he says they have helped a lot. It is so weird that I hit my year mark in a couple of days. It has been a quick year, but a long year too. Time is a strange thing, especially on a mission.
Have a blessed week!

Elder Schow

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