Thursday, November 28, 2013

Baptism and White Squirrell

                                                      Baptism November 23rd 2013
                                                                    Zone Fun Day

November 23rd 2013

So, we had a baptism this week! baptized on Saturday and was confirmed Sunday. I was able to perform the baptism and succeeded on my first try. I think she was really happy with the whole thing, which is really good. Her baptismal service was kind of small, but I don't think she minded. Our ward mission leader confirmed her Sunday morning and Elder Loosli, Bishop Lybbert and I stood in the circle. I'm glad you received and enjoyed the text message picture after the baptism. It was really nice of that lady to send it for us.
We saw a white squirrel this week, which was pretty exciting. It is in the picture. There is also a picture of a church that is in our area. The name is pretty impressive. We also found out that we are losing our car for this transfer, which means we were on bikes yesterday and from here on out. It is super cold, but I guess we will have to deal with it and also try to get a lot of rides from members. It also might help us get into more doors. ("Can we please come in? it is sooo cold out here!"). I found out today that Elder Loosli is getting transferred somewhere else and I will be training a new missionary starting tomorrow. That is going to be really weird. I still feel so new in some ways. Our area is also going to be smaller because we are getting a third set of missionaries in the ward.
It sounds like things are going pretty well in Idaho. That is neat about Curtis's farewell and all that stuff. That's cool about Lauren and Cam's Christmas tree, too. We have a tiny Christmas tree in our closet that we will have to set up after Thanksgiving. I hope things go well for Britton as he goes to Mexico. He will do great.
I love you all there, and I love hearing from you guys.
Elder Ethan Schow

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