Thursday, November 28, 2013

Letter and Pictures

November 18th 2013
Things have gone pretty well here in Ohio for the last week. It is cold sometimes and not so cold sometimes. It is crazy that it is already almost Thanksgiving. We don't know what is going to happen at transfers, but we'd certainly like to find out! They are moving another set of Elders into this ward so there will be a third set of Marble Cliff missionaries. It's possible that I'll stay in Marble Cliff and still be in a different area. It's also possible that I'll get moved somewhere entirely different. Probably the strangest possibility is that I might have to train a new missionary. Weird. We still plan on D. being baptized this Saturday. It should work out and be great. We had our primary program yesterday. It was really nice. We are teaching a variety of other people. The trick is going to be helping them turn into progressing investigators. We are still working with several part-member families, but haven't been able to get appointments that work out with them lately. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to be with the zone leaders all day while Elder Loosli worked with their companion. It was great to be around them. They are awesome missionaries. I had to go with them to a meeting with the new stake president and President Nilsen. They had me tell them about D.. It was a neat experience to see what zone leaders do.
That is really sad about Brother Call and Brother Wellard. I hope their families are okay. I also hope the roof works out. I haven't talked a whole lot to Jesse and I haven't heard from Brigham at all, but I hope things work out for them. The popular brand of GPS around the mission seems to be Garmin, but I don't think I need one yet. Hopefully things are going well for everyone there as you get ready for thanksgiving. Tell Maddie thank you for the letter and good luck with finals and cabaret. I will write a response to her letter a little later today.
I love you all. Good luck with everything and as they say here in Ohio, "Have a blessed day."
Love, Elder Ethan Schow


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