Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7th 2013

Hi everyone, It is good to talk to you again. I did get the last vaccination done at Walgreens, Mom, so that's out of the way. Just so you know, there's something wrong with my debit card. At least it wont work. Maybe its not supposed to? Anyway, conference was really great. We watched all of the sessions at our church building except the priesthood session, which we watched at the home of the member that fed us dinner that night. There were some really excellent talks and it was nice to sit down for a while. I don't think I had a particular favorite talk, but there were a few that I really liked. We had three of our investigators come to a session of conference each, which was pretty good. Other than conference, our week hasn't been too exciting. We've just been tracking down former and potential investigators and knocking a few doors.
I'm glad that everything is going well there from the sound of things. It must be pretty busy getting Britton ready to go. I wish him luck and I think he will do great in the MTC. That's exciting that the house is almost done. I'm sure it looks great. Transfers are on the 15th, which is unusual since it's a Tuesday. We'll see what happens with that. I hope Paul is okay. It's good that he was able to have the blessing and everything. Thank you for that scripture, Dad. I will remember it.
This lady we were talking to showed us what a buckeye tree looks like and let us take some of the buckeye nuts. They are kind of cool and I'll have to send a couple home at some point. They are poisonous though so don't let anybody or any animal eat them.
I wish you all all the best. When you get Britton's MTC address, could you send it to me, please? I am going to see if I can send the rest of my pictures.
I love you all!
Elder Ethan Schow
The night before Elder Schow left for Ohio
This smacks of Elder Ethan's sense of humor!
More old MTC pictures
Looking good Elder Schow!

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