Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello, everyone.                                                              Oct. 14th 2013
We got our transfer call and Elder Loosli and I are both staying here, which I think is a good thing. Our library was closed today, but the zone leaders let us mosey into their area to use theirs. They are here too. I forgot to mention before, but we went on exchanges witht them a few weeks ago and I found out that Elder Doerman was in American Fork's marching band the year before my freshman year, which I thought was cool. The house looks great! You guys did an amazing job. I hope its still there when I get back so I can see it in person. I bought a used disc golf disc to use on preparation day if I ever get the chance, but I haven't got to use it yet. The guys in the ward had a tournament on Conference Saturday, but we couldn't get an investigator to come so we didn't go :) I can't think of much specifically for Christmas yet, but I'll keep it in mind I suppose. I knew Jesse had arrived, but I haven't heard anything from Brigham yet. That is really exciting that there will soon be at least 3 Elder Schows in the field. Tell Britton good luck for me if he doesn't read this and I will try to send him a paper letter to the MTC today. I loved the pictures of the cats from Dad. They are super funny.
As far as investigators go, Elena, the one that was close to baptism dropped us last Monday right after I emailed you. It was kind of a surprise, but I guess it happens. We are not too upset about it, though is was disappointing. We had been planning the baptism for this last Saturday. We will probaly try to visit her in a couple of weeks. We have another investigator named D. who is working for baptism in early November. She is really nice and really enjoys learning about the gospel. She has a few things to work through, but she is willing to try. We are working with a few other people, but none that are progressing very quickly. We went out to dinner with an inactive member and his new wife the other day. Their names are P. and M.. We had knocked on his door a few weeks ago since he was on the list, but he said it wasn't a good time and to call him in a month after he got married. We called him and they took us to dinner. He asked us to teach a lesson to his wife and we have an appointment with them on Monday. It was really cool because he was the one who suggested the lesson, not us. There are a couple other similar part member families that we are trying to work with. They seem like some of our best prospects right now. It is tough to get people to church, but we are working on it. One thing we do here in the mission to help people get there is to bring them breakfast on Sunday morning. We took some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls to D. yesterday, but she was still 40 minutes late to church :{ Oh well. Things are still sometimes pretty hard, but they are getting better and I am getting better. Things keep working out so far.  Mia has sent me a couple of postcards and Chelsea sent me a letter. Grandma Redd sent me a letter too. I hope everything is going well back home and with Paul and everybody. Grandma told me about the blessing. I love you all so much. It is really good to hear from you. The leaves are starting to fall here, but no snow and not too much wind.
Happy October to everybody,
Elder Ethan Schow

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