Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 19th The Last Email of the mission

Aug. 19 2015
Well, this is it! It is hard to believe that this is my last mission
email. It is so surreal to be at this point. My mind doesn't really
grasp it yet, but I think that's a good thing. Just a few things to
put out there: I really hope that I do not get Kung fu'd by a naked
ninja as I try to enter our house and I really hope there is not a
Tongan exchange student living in my bedroom. If there is, I dibs the
top bunk on the bunk bed. That being said, I am very excited to be
coming home to see you all! 😃

This was a pretty good week/ nine days. A lot has happened, but I can
give some highlights. Twice in the last week, I have driven to
Zanesville, which is about an hour away on the Eastern side of the
mission. I had never really been that far east before. The first time
we went was because Elder Carter needed his permanent retainer fixed
and there's a member out there who is an orthodontist. The second time
was yesterday because both Elder Carter and one of our zone leaders
are going to be training this transfer and had to go to a meeting. Our
other zone leader had an appointment to have his teeth cleaned by the
same member, so I got to go again. It was kind of fun to see a
different place.

This last weekend, Elder Quentin L. Cook and Elder Donald L. Hallstrom
of the presidency of the Seventy visited our mission. Our entire
mission got to have a meeting with them. It was a pretty neat
experience to hear from Elder Cook. He took some time to shake each of
our hands. He shared some council with us, bore a powerful testimony,
and left a blessing on the mission. Elder Hallstrom was also at our
stake conference the next day. It was kind of nice to have stake
conference for my last weekend. I got to see a few people that I
otherwise probably wouldn't be able to see before I go.

Yesterday for the first time in a while we had a real lesson with a
member present. We taught J, and it went really well. I think it
was a pretty spiritual lesson, and the member's testimony helped out a
lot. It was probably my last real lesson of that sort on my mission,
and it was definitely a good one to end on.

We had to wake up at 5 today because we were asked to teach the plan
of salvation to the seminary class. There were about 15 youth there,
one of whom wasn't a member. It was held at a member's house. Sister
Lewis, the teacher, gave us about a half hour to teach. It went okay.
It was a neat experience.

By the way, I put your cell phone number on my luggage tags, Mom, as
opposed to the home phone.

Well, being a missionary has been a singular experience. I have
learned so much and changed a lot for the better, and I'm grateful to
have had the opportunity to help others do the same. I know our
Heavenly Father is there and that he loves us. I know he sent Jesus
Christ to save us and to give us the grace we need each day. I know
the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the
earth through the prophet Joseph Smith and that we have living
apostles and prophets on the earth today. I am so grateful for the
scriptures and for the spirit that I feel when I study them. That has
made such an impact on my life. Sharing these truths is almost always
difficult, but it is worth it, and God gives each of us the capacity
that we need to fulfill his expectations for us. I say these things in
the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Schow


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