Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015
We had a pretty good week over here. We were at zone conference for
almost all of Tuesday. That was a pretty good meeting. There was a lot
of spiritual content mixed in with some useful training and tips.
Also, during the meeting, they installed little GPS monitored black
boxes in all our cars called "tiwi" it talks to the driver if he goes
too fast or drives too aggressively or if someone isn't wearing a seat
belt. It creates a driving record that the mission president looks at.
Thankfully, I don't drive too crazy and don't have to worry about it
for long anyway :) Wednesday I led my second to last district
meeting. I was very happy with how it went. Afterwards, I went on
exchanges to Gahanna again with Elder Marvin. It was kind of a dull
exchange, but it was fun. Later in the week, we got to teach N.
again (she is less active). We gave her a large print copy of the Book
of Mormon and she seemed excited to read it. We also got in touch with
an old referral named T. who is friends with a member in BWC. He
shared a lot of his beliefs and experiences with us and it basically
all lines up with what we believe. While I was on exchanges, Elders
Carter and Wright were also able to get in touch with a former
investigator named J. and started teaching her again. It was really
great to have some teaching opportunities.

It was interesting to hear about the deer incident. I am glad everyone
was safe, though. Good job on your race, Mom. I'm sorry your time
wasn't as good as you would have liked. Well, I hope you all have
another good one. I guess I won't be emailing again til next
Wednesday, which will be very busy, but I will see you soon :)

Elder Schow

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