Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014
Even though the outward results of our work this week weren't impressive, we worked hard and that's what counts. We have really been trying to think outside the box in finding places to find people. Sometimes we have to try the tiniest clusters of houses. We also are working on finding through other means. Hopefully we can get some good ideas. We had a lesson with J.D. this week and are trying to figure out what keeps him from coming to church. We didn't get to meet with A. and D., but A. is making some progress. He has read in the Book of Mormon and said he believes it could be true. I guess he's still not quite sure how he wants to act on it. In his own study of the Bible, he came across John 10:16 and asked us if we thought the "other sheep" could be the people in the Book of Mormon. We said "absolutely" :). That was pretty cool. Like I told Maddie, we taught a brief lesson to a Catholic lady who said she was staying Catholic, but would be willing to listen to us. We gave her a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and she actually seemed excited or at least curious to read a little bit. Even if nothing comes of it in the near future, I felt like it was an important seed that we were able to plant. On Saturday night, we had our branch chili cook-off and trunk of treat. It was pretty fun. The branch president's wife's chili took second place, but she told us afterwards she got it from Wendy's because she was too busy to make here own :) It was kind of funny. We're not sure what will happen with transfers this week, but I guess I just have to have faith that the Lord's will will be done. I definitely know this is God's work, even if it is difficult. I love you all and hope you have a blessed week! Thanks so much for writing and praying and being great.
Elder Schow

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