Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 (out 11 months today)

Well, I hope everybody had a good week. Ours was pretty decent here. We were able to find several new people to teach as well as teaching some of those we've found in past weeks. We taught J. again. She is an older lady and has a lot of health challenges, but she loves our visits and reading in the Book of Mormon. She says she feels like the Church is "her thing." We really hope to get things figured out so she can come to church soon. We also visited again with K. K. is a great guy with a rough past. He is very devoted to his family. He finds all the stuff that we teach him a bit overwhelming, but he is determined to get it all figured out. He almost came to church this week. I think he got scared at the last minute, though. Our district meeting on Wednesday went well. Afterwards, we went on exchanges with the other Elders. I spent the day with Elder Clark in their area on bikes. It was actually a really good day for biking. Very cool temperatures, which is unusual for Ohio in July. We had our first interviews with President Daines on Thursday. I really like him. I feel like he did a good job getting to know me. I was able to talk to him about some of the stresses of being a trainer. Later that evening, we had dinner with a member and his boss who is investigating the Church right now. He doesn't live in our area, but he's a very sincere guy and is really cool. He reminds me of Steve Pearce. We went to a new-missionary training meeting at the OSU institute on Friday. It was a good training and it emphasized the importance of following the manuals and programs that the Prophet and Apostles have given us for training. On Saturday we got four separate members out teaching with us. Unfortunately, only one member-present lesson worked out. It was a good lesson though. We were able to teach a nice old lady named A. that Elder Blalock and I found months ago. It was a really good week overall. It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well back home. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and accomplishing a lot. Have a blessed week!

Elder Schow

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