Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2, 2014

April 2, 2014
Nothing too exciting is happening with transfers. Elder Blalock and I are both staying in Big Walnut Creek and I am glad. We get along well and there are good things happening in this ward. Elder Loosli is finishing his mission and goes home tomorrow, which is super crazy! I will miss having him around. We are probably going to sneak over to the transfer meeting to tell him goodbye, even though neither of us is getting transferred. It has been a long week, but a pretty good one. We have had some good lessons. Many of the people we find drop off the face of the earth, but we have been able to meet with A. and A. and B. and a guy named L. and had good lessons with them. Q. (short for Quenten) has come out teaching with us a couple more times. He wears the pajama pants and flip flops every day except Sunday, when he wears a suit. He's a good kid. It turns out that C. is moving very soon to live with her son's family in London, Ohio. We will be sad to see her go, but we have gotten in touch with the missionaries down there and they are going to help her work towards baptism. We've tried so many things to help her quit smoking, including fasting, but nothing has been the key so far. She is getting some nicotine patches soon, though, which have helped her in the past. We haven't really been able to meet again with E., the British lady, yet, but we hope to soon. I'm looking forward to conference this weekend. It is always nice to have a couple of hours to sit and be edified. Plus, we don't have to wear suits during the months between the April and October conferences. That will be nice because it is starting to get pretty hot around here. Nothing too outrageous happened on April Fools day, but our zone leaders did trick everyone pretty good by saying that Elder Montgomery had got his visa and was leaving and that we were getting a new zone leader. They managed to engineer a special voicemail message that they forwarded to everyone which made it sound pretty legitimate. We were pretty surprised when Elder Montgomery popped out of the trunk of their car today at our zone fun day. It was funny. Thank you to everyone for the emails. Letters, especially paper ones are always welcome. I hope you all have a blessed week!
Elder Schow

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