Monday, December 30, 2013

Almost a Gnu Year!

December 30,  2013
Hello Everybody; I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Mine here in Ohio wasn't bad. It was actually quite good. The very best part was the 45 minutes that I got to Skype with my family on Christmas day. It was so good to talk to them/you and have the opportunity to see them/you face to face. Our Christmas Eve was nice. We spent it with the Davis family from our ward. There was good food, and Brother Davis took a couple of pictures of us that he texted home to our families. After we went back to our apartment, we watched Mr. Kreuger's Christmas on the little portable DVD player that we use for proselyting and training purposes. On Christmas morning we woke up and opened our packages. Thank you so much for the stockings you made for Elder Cole and me, Mom. They were great and the stuff in them was great too. I really liked the tie. After Skyping, we spent Christmas by visiting people and having dinner with a family in the ward. We finished the evening by drinking lemonade with a recent convert in our ward who is always good to talk to. The day after Christmas, I think I had the flu or something similar. We didn't get a whole lot done proselyting-wise on that day and Friday. I felt much better on Saturday and we were able to have a good day of working. The weather has been fairly warm the past couple of days, which has been nice for the bikes. We were able to have some good lessons and make some progress this week with some of our investigators. We are working on getting people to church so they can start to progress faster. We will get them there. Elder Cole and I went this morning and worked at the bishop's storehouse for a few hours putting bags of food into big plastics totes and stacking them on pallets. It was pretty good. The couple that took us to the storehouse also took us to Wendy's at the 4th Wendy's that ever opened. It was pretty much just like any other Wendy's, but hey.
I hope everyone there had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year!
Have a blessed day,
Elder Ethan Schow


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