Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ethan's First Letter MTC


  1. Hello Elder Schow's mom (Diane)! It's Theresa Gonet, Zach's mom. I have enjoyed reading Ethan's letters/blog - how nice of you to post them! I believe Zach and Ethan have a friend in common. Mckay Cathcart. In Ethan's first letter he mentioned someone named Mckay at the MTC. Mckay was at the same high school with Zach, here in Minnesota before he moved away, to Texas I think? What a small world! Hope all is well at the Schow house!

    1. Dear Theresa,
      It was so great to hear from you! Somehow your email went into a weird folder and I just received it. I have thought about your family so often during the years and I know that Ethan has. I do not know McKay but, I will ask Ethan about him when he emails today--he always emails on Monday. It is definitely a small world! Everything is going well here. Our Madeline is the last of our children at home. She will be a junior this coming Fall. Both Ethan and our older son Britton are out serving LDS missions right now. Britton is in Mexico. I ran across a picture of Britton dancing with Olivia the other day and it brought back memories. I hope things are well with you and your family. Keep me updated on Zach and Olivia--I try to run Ethan's facebook while he is away but, I don't do a great job--the blog is easier for me. If Zach would like to drop Ethan a line his email is ethan,, He would love to hear from him. Diane Schow