Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Well, we have had a lot more rain this week, which has made things
interesting. Thankfully we have had the car for part of it and have
(out of necessity) spent a LOT of time transferring our records to the
electronic system. It is a time-consuming process. We have also been
experimenting with the planner portion of the new app. It is rendering
the little books that we've had up till now obsolete. I will still
decorate my last one, though :) we didn't have too many lessons this
week, but we did get to talk to a really nice man named Greg who has
investigated in the past. He is a very good person and doesn't  seem
closed off a about the Book of Mormon. We hope we can make some
progress there. We got to go to the temple Wednesday, which was a
really good experience. Brother Henricks was working there that day,
so I got to see him a few times throughout the day and talk to him a
little bit, which was really nice. Earlier in the week, we went on
exchanges with the other Elders in our district. I was with Elder
McDaniel in our area. We had a pretty good time. We have continued our
finding efforts throughout the week. We were finally able to contact
both N. and D. Unfortunately, neither one was interested. K.
is doing really well following her baptism. She is going to the temple
Wednesday to do baptisms for the dead for the first time. We will
probably get to tag along for that, which will be cool. We went to the
Columbus Zoo this morning, which was really cool, even though it was
raining. We also had another musical fireside this weekend. Each month
the fireside rotates to one of the four stake centers in Columbus and
all the missionaries within a one hour radius can participate in the
choir. Since we are fairly close to all four stake centers, we have
been able to participate in a few. Singing in the choir is pretty fun.
The theme of the fireside was patriotic for the Fourth. At each
fireside, a couple of recent converts bear their testimonies, and one
of the ones yesterday was Michelle, who I taught way back at the
beginning of my mission. She and her husband had moved and she had
been investigating all the way up until about a month ago, when she
got baptized! I was happy to learn that she finally was able to get
her answer. I guess it goes to show that things you did almost two
years ago can still bear good fruit today. I'm grateful to be where I
am, and for the wonderful people here. Our Heavenly Father definitely
knows what he is doing. I hope you all have a good week! Have fun at
the family reunion.

Elder Schow

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