Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It has been a pretty good week. One thing I forgot to mention last week is that the missionaries in our ward are doing a musical number in church next week with me playing the violin. It has been fun to play at the practices. I have missed being able to play these past months. We have had more snow, which has made things interesting. The main streets of our area get plowed, but all the side streets (where people actually live) get left full of slush, which makes biking difficult and slippery. As a result, we've had to do a lot of tramping through slush while walking our bikes. We had some good lessons this week and invited a lot of people to be baptized and work towards a baptismal date. We have seen some progress in people as a result. B. is still very enthusiastic about the church and came to sacrament meeting yesterday. Because of the snow though, someone hit a powerline and the church lost power shortly before the meeting. We had an abbreviated sacrament meeting with the emergency lights. It went well enough and I think B. had a good experience. Someone told him about the singles ward and he went there later in the afternoon to see what it is like. We will have to talk to him and see which he prefers. I'll be sad if we have to pass him off to the other missionaries, but it's his decision. We also had a good meeting with M. this week, though he couldn't come to church because of work. He plans to read a lot of the Book of Mormon this week before our next appointment, though, and I really think he will. We also had a good lesson with B., who is making some slow progress.
One fun thing we are doing as a ward missionary unit is making a missionary work "commercial" for the ward. The part that we filmed yesterday was a "how not to do it" of getting a member to a lesson. In the video, Elder Cole and I "kidnap" the ward mission leader (We actually shoved him in the trunk of a car) and take him to a lesson bound and gagged. It was pretty funny and I'll have to find some way to show you guys when it's done.
I'm glad you guys had fun at Disneyland and that things are going well. It's a bummer that Cam didn't get that job. It sounds like ward conference was good.
Transfers is next Thursday the 20th, so preparation day is on Wednesday the 19th. We will find out then who goes and stays.
I love you guys and hope things keep going well.
Have a blessed day,
Elder Ethan Schow

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